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It constitutes for this reason the first product published by the student, result of his dedication and delivery in the area of ​​knowledge chosen by him or by him. In this way, he offers his first letter of introduction to the world as a qualified professional with the ability to approach with a broad vision the problems that concern his specialty.

Elaborating a thesis implies an intellectual work of great dedication and high capacity for abstraction and analysis. Competences that every student possesses to the extent of their own concerns and motivations.

EDUPEET is an institution formed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals, who have seen the reality of undergraduate and graduate students in access to their professional title, is committed to provide the necessary and effective advice so that a student of the level in the who is able to access with due preparation to his degree or professional degree, with the seriousness and the guarantee that only a responsible organization can grant.

One of the difficulties that presents itself before any student who applies their knowledge in work experience is the time to devote to an investigation that usually demands excessive hours of reading and writing of the points related to their research topic.

Many students who are among the top positions of the universities are faced with the dictatorship of the time that submits them to give themselves to an incessant working life, in addition to the additional studies that they must take to perfect themselves in the line of career they have chosen. Added to this difficulty to the limited advice, either in time or knowledge, that universities provide their undergraduate and graduate students, settle serious limitations to their desire to quickly access the title or professional degree.

The students conclude their studies with the intention of graduating or graduating, and then find themselves in the greatest confusion because of the teachers' assistance assigned by the university and because of the limited experience they have in research topics. The study habits are also a difficulty in the student, who being little exercised in it, chooses to abandon their efforts and surrender to work without knowing that this is more pleasant, it will not compensate the same as if you had the degree or professional degree that the law requires to consider a better salary and other social benefits.

Few people know, and it is not usually pronounced in any university, that for the State you do not exist as a professional if you do not have the respective degree, from which, they begin to count your years of work experience. Before that, with only the bachelor's degree, all work experience does not count.

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