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Asake: You're Mocking Christianity with your "Only Me" music video

Nigerian Afrobeats sensation Asake, faces allegations of ridiculing Christianity in his "Only Me" music video.

Asake, the Nigerian Afrobeats artist, has sparked controversy and faced accusations of "ridiculing" Christianity in his latest music video, "Only Me."

In the video, Asake is seen wearing Christian attire with a halo above his head, and he tosses money at similarly dressed dancers who then collapse. The video, premiered on Thursday, has received widespread criticism on social media.

Watch the official video below:

Despite reaching out to Asake's management for comment, the BBC has not received a response. Concerns about Asake's apparent lack of respect for the Christian faith in his music videos have been expressed on various platforms. Users on X criticized him for repeatedly disrespecting Christianity, with some interpreting the video's lyrics and scenes as a satire on charismatic preachers. The controversy echoes a previous incident involving Asake's use of Christian imagery in the video for "Bandana," his collaboration with Fireboy DML, where black goats were shown in a church alongside people with flames above their heads.

Check out the video here below:

Fans have called for the removal of the "Only Me" video, expressing disappointment and urging Asake to respect people's religious beliefs,

"Shame on you, man. I'm a big fan of your music, but the depictions in your latest video are absolutely insane."

Another supporter on Instagram urged Asake to take down the video, emphasizing the need for respecting people's religions while acknowledging his musical pursuits.

"Please bring down this video. This is an insult to our Christian faith. Do your music but respect people's religions"

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