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It?s far easier to be a deadbeat dad than co-parent with a toxic babymama - Dancer, Korra Obi?s ex-husband, Justin Dean, writes



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She a definition of kolo ment...who will build a home with this kind of woman? The unfortunate thing is there are many in this generation like her. And for you ladies that'll come here an talk rubbish, no man I repeat, no man will build a home with a ment case or a loose woman.

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Most women of today are destroying families with their toxic behaviours! This guy choice to love another race, brought her out from the zoo and look at how she is representing us Nigerians! Smh. Another olodo the other day went on podcast to spit rubbish that men should pay her 20m in order to sleep with them. These are what is left for the men of this generation to wife? God forbid! Imma play safe out here buds

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Chai..this man really loves this girl but they weren't compatible due to different lifestyle and ideology..I pray they get back together and fix it

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Go hug the transformer Justin.You once told us how you taught her how to shake her waist while dancing after which she became a professional dancer and when you couldn't stand her fame you asked for a divorce.Ans now you cannot stand the fact that she is making money.Biko let her be.Lazy man go get a job.

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Money exposing her bum bum in a stupid way. You call that making money? Are you sure you good? Oh, I forgot In talking to a Nigerian youth that believes yahoo yahoo is a career or side hustle! SMH

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This guy is a toxic narcissist attention seeker oshi. He is so hurt she is no longer under his control. He needs to seek healing. Dead beat iranu.

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Uju about 18 hours ago

Zukwanu ike Nwoke nkea, you really need to be on this woman's case to be relevant. And you just made a fool of yourself by justifying your irresponsibility as a deadbeat father. Shameless man, Tueh..

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My ex toxic pass anything but every woman can be tamed if you stop being reasonable with them and just show the mother of your kids love. Woman wey you chase before you catch am, you wan come stop now? Dey play oh. For the sake of your kids stop fighting and let her win. It works every time!

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He has a point there.Before you call a man a deadbeat father or an irresponsible man make sure the woman in question is not a 304 or that the woman herself is not a useless entity. Funny how women do not come out to address paternity fraud but are always quick to call a man that they cannot manipulate a dead beat father.The mystery they thought wad a woman is clear and men now know the true nature of women.Most cannot handle the fact that they are just a cum dumpster

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Robert about 17 hours ago

(Somehow this morning I knew this useless woman’s story would come up again today). Kora or whatever you say your name is: you are a disgrace to every decent Nigerian on earth and a thorough disgrace to your family. Your entire life is governed by social media clout and that cost you your marriage. You went online to beg for money for “legal fees” only to scam $50,000 from gullible Nigerians and others and announce you were going vacationing. You deserve to be arrested and your children taken from you because you are not fit to be an Aunty let alone a mother. All your dirty actions have vindicated your former husband! You are a disgrace. Live with this Tag for the rest of your life!

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Ex wife is different from a baby mama. You both seem toxic to me,.

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Exactly. He’s equally toxic. Seems like someone that if he cannot have his way will go berserk! The lady is far from perfect, but the things he’s complaining about he knew before they got married. If he needed a change he should have been patient with her

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Hello Justin, she is your ex-wife and you two had children together as a married couple. . She is not a babymama. The word "babymama" is used only if the woman was not married to the man when she had one or more children for him.

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My friend get out of here. Go and look after your two beautiful daughters. Na you dey beat person, na you still dey cry. Narcissistic element

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This man please let Korra breath. Haba! Go and get a life. I thought you said you have moved on? If you still love Korra, work towards reconciliation and stop disturbing us. By the way, Korra is your ex-wife, the mother of your children and not a baby mama. I wonder where Korra picked up this bone from. Cheiii!

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But you like her ,is it because things have gone wrong , please carry your cross ,it does not take you anything to start insulting Nigerians,park well .

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