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New AI platform for launch in Nigeria

Enterprise work management platform, Asana, will be unveiled in Lagos at an event, themed: “Future-Proofing Nigerian Workflows: AI That Works,” on June 5, 2024.

Asana will enter Nigeria through its West African partner, Novotech Works and it is expected to expand its global footprint and empower teams to achieve their goals more efficiently.

Country Director, Asana Africa, Rilwon Jaiyeola, said: “We are thrilled to bring Asana to Nigeria and support local businesses in optimizing their workflows and increasing productivity. Our platform is designed to help teams collaborate effectively and achieve their objectives with ease.”

Founded in 2008 and commercially launched in April 2012, Asana has been at the forefront of transforming workplaces worldwide. The platform is renowned for helping organizations work smarter and achieve more with its intuitive, AI-driven tools. Asana’s portfolio of global clients includes industry giants such as Sony Music, Zoom, Dow Jones, Discovery Digital Studios, and Dior.

The firm explained in a statement that Sony Music quadrupled its creative production capacity using Asana, while Zoom saves an astounding 133 work weeks per year. Dow Jones Marketing cuts 10 per cent of their workday, and Discovery Digital Studios produces thousands of videos each month, all thanks to Asana. Christian Dior has also accelerated its market introduction for fragrances with Asana’s capabilities.

“Now, Asana is set to bring these groundbreaking benefits to the Nigerian workplace. Asana’s advanced features and AI-driven solutions are designed to tackle common workplace challenges, such as project management, team collaboration, and task tracking. With Asana, Nigerian businesses can look forward to enhanced productivity, streamlined workflows, and a significant reduction in administrative burdens,” it stated.

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