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RHONJ star Caroline Manzo accuses co-star Brandi Glanville of sexually assaulting her

RHONJ star Caroline Manzo accuses co-star Brandi Glanville of sexually assaulting her

'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star, Caroline Manzo, has filed a lawsuit against a co-star of the reality show, Brandi Glanville, accusing her of sexually assaulting her. 

In a signed affidavit filed in relation to her January 2024 lawsuit against Bravo, the Real Housewives of New Jersey alum, 62, claimed that Glanville, 51, "forcibly fondled my vagina" during their time on the spinoff show while Bravo producers remained complacent and filmed the alleged assault. 

"When Glanville was sexually assaulting me on the sofa, she was rubbing her vagina on me," Manzo alleged in the affidavit. “The producers just watched and kept filming. They saw that I was in distress and yet, they continued to film.” The reality star claimed that the producers "did not separate Glanville from me" but "continued to feed her alcohol" and "allowed" her to follow her into the bathroom where she says she was allegedly assaulted for a second time.

"When I tried to escape the bathroom, Glanville then threw me against the bathroom door hitting my head, and locked me in the bathroom where she forcibly fondled my vagina against my will," she claimed in the document, alleging that producers “saw me trying to escape but did not help.”

"I understand one of the producers tried to open the door to get in because he knew that I was being sexually assaulted," she claimed. “The producers certainly saw when I tried to escape from the bathroom and yet they allowed Glanville to bang my head against the door and lock me in the bathroom and assault me.”

Manzo stated in the affidavit that she believes Glanville "maliciously sexually assaulted me for her own sexual gratification" by “forcibly kissing me, rubbing her vagina on me and then [fondling] my vagina against my will.”

The affidavit also alleged Caroline requested that she not be asked to discuss the alleged incident in her piece-to-camera interviews for the show, as she was, "visibly suffering from anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress from Glanville sexually assaulting me". 

However, Caroline has now claimed the production team instructed her to, "relive the sexual assaults" in a bid "to create more 'drama' in the interview for their own ratings and profit".

Manzo reitered that the incident caused her “anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress.”

Glanville has responded to Manzo’s lawsuit by calling her allegations “absurd.” 

“Sadly, Brandi had to wake up to yet another lawsuit that includes defamatory, false accusations about her,” a rep for Glanville told Page Six at the time.

“While filming, Brandi followed what the producers asked of her, and there was no sexual assault. She is innocent of these absurd accusations that have weighed on her mental and physical health for far too long without a word of support from Peacock, Shed or Bravo.

“This painful storytelling seems endless and needs to stop. She is looking to move on and upward and get her life back.”

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