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Dellarovere, a rapist from London, has been sentenced to seven years in prison for sexually assaulting a woman


Diego Dellarovere, a 43-year-old resident of Holland Road, W14, London, has been given a seven-year prison term for raping a woman. 

His sentencing took place at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Friday, March 15. Previously, he was found guilty of rape, assault by penetration, and sexual assault at Croydon Crown Court on Friday, January 19.

Metropolitan Police officers initiated an investigation following a woman's report in May 2021, alleging that she had been assaulted by Dellarovere at a residence in Croydon. 

The police explained that the woman had rented a room in the house and that Dellarovere had made a booking to stay there on May 7, 2021, using an online booking platform.

As per the Metropolitan Police, Dellarovere had spent part of the evening outside in Croydon before coming back home and committing sexual assault on the woman, eventually raping her.

Intelligence gathering led to the identification of Dellarovere's connection to the property, ultimately enabling authorities to locate him.

The Metropolitan Police stated that their officers conducted arrest inquiries at Dellarovere's residence to apprehend him, but he was not found. Subsequently, he voluntarily surrendered himself at Hammersmith Police Station.

Detective Constable Natalie Alchin, who led the investigation, emphasized that Dellarovere violated the woman in her own home, a place where she should have felt secure, causing her immense fear. Alchin expressed satisfaction with the significant prison term Dellarovere received and commended the victim for her support during the investigation, acknowledging the impact the incident had on her.

Alchin also highlighted the Met's dedication to addressing violence against women and girls and encouraged other victims of sexual offenses to come forward and report them to the authorities.

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